Ella Rose Flood

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Ella Rose Flood
  1. Progress impeded by two large blue steamer trucks
  2. Coastal fog now rolling in
  3. Beach home in Malibu
  4. Stepping on your shoes so as to not step in mud
  5. Grinning and blowing kisses.

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Glow Crossbones, Plastic, 2020 Untitled, Plastic, 2020

Jade Crossbones, Wax, 2020

Hard Crossbones, Plastic, 2020
Candle Bone, Wax, 2020

Turn & Burn, Custom dog tags, ball chain, thread, earring hooks, ~12’x4’, 2018 Jade Bone, wax, 2020

Rabbit Swimming, Oil on wood and wax frame, 2020
Jade Bones, Rabbit Swimming Install, Wax and Oil on wood, 2020 Home Crystals, Urethane plastic and eyeshadow, 2020
Cast (Vicious), Fiberglass medical cast, 2019 Chair One, Stainless steel, 2018
49 Raspberry Jelly Fishing Lures, Plastic from latex molds, 2020 Raspberry Flavor Fish in Circle, Plastic from latex molds, 2020
Specimen Jars, Wood, acrylic, 32 oz jars, Roswell Driver’s License, retainer, necklaces, oyster, stuffed duckling, ceramic, human hair, food coloring, sugar, and gelatin. 48” x 6.5” x 12”, 2018