Ella Rose Flood

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Ella Rose Flood
  1. Progress impeded by two large blue steamer trucks
  2. Coastal fog now rolling in
  3. Beach home in Malibu
  4. Stepping on your shoes so as to not step in mud
  5. Grinning and blowing kisses.

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Horses, Charcoal and graphite on paper, ~ 11’ x 3’, 2019 Eating Fucking Killing, Graphite on paper and found drawing, 8” x 13.5”, 2020

Eating Fucking Killing, Installation from how to build yourself a burrow in 20 minutes, Lichen Works, Chicago (curated by Taylor Augustine and Sasha Miasnikova) Lisa Rinna, Graphite on paper and clay frame, 2020
Tattoo Flash Sheet, 2020
Untitled, Charcoal and graphite on paper, 2019 I’m Getting Ready, graphite on paper, 2020
Untitled, Charcoal on paper, 2019
Molly, Charcoal on paper, 2019
Drawing Class, Charcoal on paper, 2019